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11 Aug, 2022
Brock Anderson

13 of the Best Insurance Agency Web Designs

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As competitive as the insurance and financial industry is one of the most important things agents try and focus on is their marketing efforts, which is perfect! But there is no point to your marketing if you lead them to your website and they immediately turn away because it was designed poorly. At that point, you are just wasting marketing dollars.

So many times customers will not shop for your insurance purely based on the feeling they get when they land on your website. Maybe it lacks professionalism, they don’t know how to navigate it, or perhaps they think they landed on the wrong website. Don’t lose business on something as simple as that, you’ve already spent the marketing money to get them there so design your website to keep them there.

Through over 20 years of designing websites for insurance agents, we have seen our fair share of insurance web designs. These are the ones that we found to be the best, not just because they look the nicest but because they help get the most business. Which is what actually matters!

The 13 Best Insurance Agency Website Designs:

Plymouth Rock

plymouth rock insurance agency website design

Direct Auto Insurance

direct auto insurance agency website design example

Steadily Insurance

Steadily insurance agency website design example

Pie Insurance

Pie insurance agency website design example

123 Insurance insurance agency website design example

SafeButler Insurance

SafeButler insurance agency website design example

Insurance Jack

Insurance Jack insurance agency website design

inc. Shurance

inc shurance website design example

InsuLand Insurance

Insuland Insurance agency website design

Brand Insurance

Brand insurance agency website design

Lifest Insurance

Lifest insurance agency website design

Insurance Company

insurance agency website design example

Lifegood Insurance

insurance agency website design example

Why Are These “The Best Designs”?

There are plenty of principles and rules that go into designing a website for insurance agents. The more you follow them and focus on creating the best design possible the more benefit it will do your agency.

User Focused Design

If you look through the majority of these designs you will see an overall theme of how simple they are and easy to navigate. As I stated early one of the biggest reasons that customers will leave your insurance agency website is because it’s hard to use. So many times they will land on a website and not know where to look or how to navigate it so they immediately exit.

A UX (user experience) design’s main priority is to make things as simple as possible. They want certain elements of the screen to stand out and draw attention. When the user lands on the site they know exactly what they are looking at, where to go for the next piece of information, and are not overwhelmed. All of these designs do a great job of focusing on UX.

Benefits Sell, Features Don’t

This is a very common saying, especially in the sales and marketing world. In a very simple way, the reason why anybody would buy insurance from you is because of the benefits that you offer not features. Tell them how much money they will save, how easy the experience will be, the discounts they getting after a year, or even having a personal agent to be in contact with. Your customer wants to know what they get, not how you get it to them.

Your website MUST show your customer immediately what they will get when they buy insurance from you. The second your customer lands on your website they should see something like “save 20% shopping with us” or “saving hundreds on home insurance” so they know they immediately have a benefit from shopping your insurance.

As you look through these websites the first thing you will see in the very large font is the unique benefit the insurance companies offer. These are the types of websites that gain you business because they convert and turn customers into paying clients. Show your customers the benefits and you will see more leads start to come through.

Keep your Website Design on Brand

Your brand is what tells everyone who you are, it is important that you don’t just design your website to look good. It needs to stay on your brand and correlate to what your insurance agency is about. Brand awareness is a huge marketing strategy and if someone clicks on your website but doesn’t recognize your brand because you didn’t design it to follow your brand you are immediately losing customers.

Your Website Design Must be Professional

So many times I have stumbled upon a website that looks very unprofessional and something that seems to correlate more with kids. You have to remember your target market when designing your website and design according to that. You don’t want people to not shop for your insurance because your website shows that you lack professionalism. Keep things clean, modern, and professional so that people know that you are serious and should be taken seriously.

Get your Insurance Agency the BEST Website Design

If you a tired of wasting all this money on marketing and not seeing any results it’s probably time you adjust your website design. Although a custom website design may not seem like it should be a part of your digital marketing plan, the more you think about it should be the center of your marketing plan. Get a custom insurance website design and start seeing the results that you are after.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?