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12 Jan, 2019
Dirk Stephens

Is Your Agency Optimized on Social Media?

Social media apps

Social media is a great way to reach people. It has opened up avenues that years before were not available. These are exciting times for insurance companies with the help of social media. 

Insurance Sites 

Insurance is a specialized field that requires special care. Websites for insurance agencies need platforms that are created with them in mind. Companies use social media in a way that maximizes their exposure. 

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO services are an essential part of any marketing plan. This is what makes websites visible and easier to find. Only Insurance Sites focuses on getting insurance companies seen on a variety of social media platforms. 


Social media is where many consumers turn for information. Statistics show that insurance companies benefit greatly when they have a strong site. They must contain all relevant information and be meaningful. 


Insurance companies depend on their brand being seen and recognized. One affordable way to achieve this is through social media. A well-developed posting makes all the difference. The more often a brand is seen, the better chance of people turning to the company for their insurance needs. 


The content found on a post is just as important as the site itself. All information should be current including:

  • Operating hours
  • Pictures
  • List of agents

People who do not see what they are looking for often leave the site. The material that is posted must be well planned out. 

Help is On the Way 

Only Insurance Sites is ready to lend a hand. They specialize in websites for insurance agencies. Their design strategy includes SEO services. It takes a team to build the right site. Today’s modern world is always changing and websites need to keep up. Social media is a great marketing tool, that if developed correctly, can lead to an increase in customers. Now is the time to make sure that the insurance company is keeping up with the times.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?