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17 Aug, 2022
Brock Anderson

Boost Your SEO with Insurance Agency Reviews

When someone is in need of any type of insurance, they normally turn to the internet, mainly their Google search engine, to find insurance companies and to compare insurance rates. This is usually for auto insurance as well as motorcycle, umbrella, home, commercial, renter’s, and other types of insurance policies.

This is the reason it is imperative for insurance companies to rank high in the search engines so that people will see the links to their insurance products before they see others. This is also the reason it is imperative that an insurance company has the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in place so that their company will be seen at the top of the list instead of being buried on page two, three, four, etc. of the search engine results.

In recent studies, it has been shown that nearly 70 percent of people searching for a specific product, including insurance policies, will click on the first five website links that appear on the search engine pages. If your company is not in one of those spots, you can lose business not only for yourself but the agents that work for you also. This is the reason you need to ensure that you have the best SEO for insurance agents in place to assist in insurance agent marketing for your team.

Now that you know that SEO is important for your insurance agency, how do you boost your SEO and start to gain traffic organically. There are many different ranking factors in terms of Google ranking your website, one being client reviews.

Getting Reviews for Your Agency Will Boost Your SEO

infographic of SEO being increased by reviews

Google can you see whether or not people are reviewing your site and if they are leaving a positive or negative review as well. Google is all about ranking sites that they feel will benefit the customer’s search query the most and if they see a company that gets 50 five-star reviews then they are going to want to put them at the top.

There are many factors that go into ranking insurance agents’ websites and Google wants to make sure they deserve their rank at that they are a quality company to rank. In simple terms, the more reviews that you can get on your Google business profile the better your SEO will do and the better your agency will do.

Now, this may sound easy and you think all you have to do is get people to review your agency and you will have better rankings right? Yes and no, the hard part is actually getting the reviews but this next section should help with that.

Where should your clients leave reviews?

It is important that you encourage your clients to leave reviews for your insurance agency and even your insurance agents in particular since this can help them with insurance agent marketing. There are many places where your clients can leave reviews and should be encouraged to do so, such as on Yelp,, the Better Business Bureau, WalletHub,, and even through your local Chamber of Commerce website. People can also leave insurance agency reviews on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Google Reviews

It is also imperative that insurance agency reviews can be left on your Google business profile, which is great for insurance agent marketing. Your Google business profile is great for insurance agency reviews and each agent can even create their own Google business profile so that their personal clients can leave reviews on that page as well.

This allows potential clients to not only read the reviews that show that an insurance agency treats their clients well. Not to mention when you search something like “insurance agent near me” and you see a map come up with the closest insurance agents near you, reviews are how you get on that list. Tyically in the search result you will only see 3 on the “map pack” and if you want to be featured in that group you must have a good amount of client reviews. Google reviews are essential to the success of your agency.

insurance agent near me google map pack example

As you see in this image one of the first thing that will catch your eye is how many reviews these agencies are getting and how many stars they have. The more reviews you get the better you will look and the higher chance you will have in ranking on this list.

What to do with your reviews

You can use insurance agency reviews that are left directly for specific insurance agencies in future marketing campaigns and on your website. These featured reviews can help draw customers to you as well as help you rank higher in search engine optimization since you can pick out reviews that even include the keywords that you need to push your website link to the top of the search engine page.

How to manage your reviews, good and bad

You can use both good and bad reviews to your advantage by answering each review in a positive manner. A bad review can be about a situation that has been eliminated or improved upon and you can explain that to the reviewer for others to see. You can even use specific keywords in your positive responses to both good and bad reviews, which can also help with the SEO of your site.

Overall, garnering reviews online is a great way to advance the SEO level of your insurance agency’s website and to help market the services and insurance products offered by your insurance agents. Leveling up your SEO is a win for your agency as well as for your customers.

There are ways that your insurance agency can garner a competitive edge over others. Read on for more tips on how SEO for insurance agents can benefit your agency the most

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