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10 Jun, 2022
Brock Anderson

Digital Marketing Plan for Insurance Agents

Every insurance agency needs a digital marketing plan. A professionally crafted digital marketing plan for insurance agents can make the difference between having your pick of new clients and wondering when the next customer will come in.

A good insurance agency digital marketing plan is going to start with solid insurance agency SEO, a goal-oriented PPC plan, and a website that is sure to draw in new clients. Your social media strategy will also play a key role in your overall marketing plan. This guide will walk you through the basics, so you can hit the ground running.

Here’s why every agency needs an insurance website builder—and what this means for your bottom line.

The Value of a Professionally Built Website

The key to any reliable digital marketing plan for insurance agents is a professionally built website.

A professionally built website can help your insurance agency stand out no matter how crowded your sector of the insurance market happens to be.

While other companies are relying on generic, cookie-cutter websites, your insurance agency will have a responsive website designed specifically for your brand and with your marketing demographics in mind.

A professionally built website can display what your agency does better than any generic template could. No matter what type of insurance your agency deals in, a professionally built website will always help you connect with key demographics better than a generic template.

When you get a professionally built website, it comes packed with all of the features that your insurance agency needs to reach your future clientele. This includes everything from the seamless integration of your branding and services all the way over to value ads for future clients like instant customer insurance quotes.

A professionally built website can also integrate into the rest of your digital marketing strategy. This connects with your SEO, your PPC, and how you chose to handle your social media marketing. A professionally built website is custom-tailored to your needs and is tuned to streamline and enhance your overall marketing plan.

These are features you just can’t get from out-of-the-box websites. A custom website is one that only your insurance agency will have. Whether you’re competing on a local or international level in the insurance industry, you want every interaction with your clients to improve brand awareness.

This is your insurance agency, your brand. Why not show it off in its best light with a professionally built website?

SEO Helps People Find Your Insurance Agents

SEO marketing plan

Your insurance agency’s digital marketing plan needs to include a new approach to SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of making sure that your website gets as high up as it can on the list of search results. Where an online search engine places your website can make or break your online marketing.

Research has proven time and time again that people rarely go past the first page of online search results. Getting your insurance agency on the first page of Google is one of the best things you can do for your marketing. SEO is the tool that can help you reach that coveted position.

The basics of SEO for your insurance agency come down to picking the right keyword and key phrases for your company. These keywords are chosen by doing extensive research on your brand, your products, and where you sit in the larger insurance market.

The keyword choices for two insurance agencies will be different even if they offer similar products. Everything from geography to your client’s demographics will come into play when selecting the right keywords for your content.

However, SEO is more than just keywords. Everything frombacklinks to your website’s credibility will come into play when search engines rank how high up your website appears on search results.

One of the biggest factors in your SEO is how accessible your website is to visitors. A website that is responsive, loads quickly, and looks visually appealing will get much more traffic than a website that takes forever to load.

In fact, marketing research shows that people leave a website if they can’t find what they need in a few seconds. This includes websites that take too long to load or don’t load properly. Your SEO depends on a website that is reliable and operates quickly and easily.

PPC Gets You Results Instantly

PPC is something that insurance agencies often overlook when putting together their online marketing. Insurance agencies often think that if their marketing is good enough, they won’t need PPC. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

PPC plays some very important roles and how your marketing works. This is pay-per-click advertising, and it puts paid ads towards the top of search results. Each time one of your potential clients clicks on an ad, you’ll pay a small fee for the ad’s placement.

Pay-per-click advertising does something that your insurance agency can’t do without. It gets your content to the top of search results instantly. While you’re still building up that organic SEO placement, PPC can rocket your company to the top of results and get you in front of potential clients.

This is the value of PPC. You get results from this type of advertising that are nearly instantaneous. It does take a while for SEO and other types of marketing to start generating significant leads, but PPC will get you placed in front of your target demographics the second your plan launches.

PPC can also be used to supplement your other marketing strategies. Even if you have a strong insurance agency SEO placement, PPC can help you when launching new products or services.

Another way to look at pay-per-click advertising is to see it as a shot in the arm for your marketing strategy. If you’ve got sectors of your marketing that aren’t working, or you want to take a new approach, pay-per-click advertising is a great way to get those strategies off the ground.

Pay-per-click advertising is also essential for anything that is seasonal or rotating, and we’re changing with the times. You’ve got to strike when the iron is hot and PPC is the best way to get your marketing in front of new clients before things start to cool down.

Social Media Marketing is the Key to Brand Awareness

Social media marketing has revolutionized how we approach advertising. Advertising has gone from being invasive, static, and slow-moving to something that is interactive that customers can engage with whenever they choose. Social media marketing is a low-cost, high-impact, way of reaching new clientele.

Social media marketing has plenty of advantages that insurance agencies need to jump on. All of your future potential clients are logged into social media every day. They’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and countless other social media sites. While they’re browsing, they can come across and engage your insurance agency about potential future deals.

Social media marketing is the best way to promote your brand awareness. To put it succinctly, if people aren’t aware of your insurance agency’s brand, they won’t be able to purchase your products. Getting out there on social media is the best way for people to connect with the insurance products and services you offer.

This connection is the most important part of social media marketing. Your brand will be engaging directly with your potential clients and current customers.

People will often be reaching out to your brand on social media with important questions about your products and services. This is not only a great way to deliver excellent customer service, but it’s also a marketing opportunity that shows that your brand is active and responsive to the needs of your clients.

There are countless social media websites out there. Picking the right ones depends on your insurance niche, where your demographics find themselves online, and what your current marketing strategy looks like. A professional insurance marketing agency can help you pick the right social media and develop a strategy that gets you and your brand in front of new clients.

Insurance agents often find social media to be a little taxing and potentially even distracting from their main work. This is where a professional marketing agency steps in. They can help you streamline and integrate your social media management into your overall operations.

This creates an environment where your brand is accessible on social media while your company can focus on following up on leads and landing new clients.

Getting Started With an Insurance Website Builder

Digital marketing has come to define the entire marketing landscape. If your insurance agency isn’t taking advantage of digital marketing strategies, you could be losing business to agencies that are. Taking your insurance agency to the next level means utilizing digital marketing to your fullest ability.

Trying to tackle your entire digital marketing plan by yourself diverts your business’s energy and resources away from what generates your revenue: insurance. A professional insurance website builder not only allows you to focus your resources on your main line of work but also yields the kind of results you’d expect from seasoned professionals.

After all, you wouldn’t want to put together a DIY insurance plan. So, why try to put together a DIY approach to online marketing? Hiring professional streamlines the process and gets you detailed results much quicker than trying to piece it together on your own.

Insurance Websites can help you craft your digital marketing plan for insurance agents. Whether you’re looking for a total marketing overhaul or you just need to optimize your PPC, Insurance Websites has the skills you need.

Get in touch with Insurance Websites today to learn more and get your digital marketing plan for insurance agentsoff the ground.

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