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20 Aug, 2022
Brock Anderson

How to Get More Insurance Agent Reviews

The number of people who read insurance agent reviews before reaching out to the agent has increased over the last couple of years. Customers want to conduct online research and see what other people are saying about you. As an insurance agent, you have to take advantage of this as it gives your services some credibility. If a customer is interested in buying an insurance product from you but can’t find reviews, they may be hesitant as they have no way to prove you deliver quality services. As such, you need to encourage customers to leave more reviews.

Why Are Reviews so Important Pertaining to SEO?

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While customer reviews are important for your credibility and image, they also matter regarding insurance agency SEO, particularly local SEO. Here is why.

Positive Reviews Increase Your Ranking

Positive reviews will help increase your ranking in search engines. For instance, take a site like Google. In any given query or search, it will display the top three most relevant businesses. So, if someone is searching for an insurance agent, Google will consider customer ratings to determine which businesses take the top spots. Positive insurance agent reviews mean you will rank at the top, increasing the chances of people clicking on your business. At the end of the day, good reviews mean more business for you.

Customers’ Reviews Contribute to Keywords

Aside from that, customers’ reviews mean more keywords for you. In a way, your customers are indirect content creators, which is how Google sees them. Each time customers leave reviews, whether good or bad, they give Google more content to crawl. That review will likely have relevant keywords for your insurance products, services, and location. This helps Google get a clear picture of what your business is all about. It also allows it to position your business at the top in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

They Reduce Your Bounce Rate

This works well when you have plenty of positive reviews. If someone comes to your website and sees a lot of positive reviews, they will stick around for longer, reducing your bounce rate. Search engines are dedicated to providing users with positive experiences. That means only directing them to high-quality information sites. If people leave your website too quickly, it indicates that they didn’t find what they were looking for. A high bounce rate means your website is not helpful. One of the ways to lower your bounce rate is by having positive reviews, which improves your SEO in the end.

How Can You Get These Reviews?

Now that you know how reviews play a role in insurance agent SEO, how can you encourage your customers to leave them? Here are a few methods you should try.

Ask Your Clients

Most people will not leave online reviews if you don’t ask for them. In the same way, you strive to make a sale, strive to ask for reviews as well. You may feel like this is complicated, but if you do it the right way, it is quite simple. Every time you have a positive experience with a customer, finish off by asking for a review.

You can ask them if they usually write customer reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google. If they do, encourage them to leave a review on your business. Other customers will tell you that they don’t write reviews. This is where you explain to them how simple the process is and how appreciative you will be if they do it. You can be sure that someone who just received good services from you will not mind spending a couple of minutes writing a review.

Put Links at the Bottom of Emails

Another way to get insurance agent reviews is by putting links at the bottom of the emails you send to customers. If you are yet to, you need to set up an email signature that will automatically reflect on outgoing emails. This is very effective in automatic marketing to your current customers.

The line needs to be straightforward. For instance, you can put a simple line like, “If you love what we are doing, click here and let people know by reviewing us”. Put a link to your Bing, Google, Yelp, or Yahoo profile in the ‘click here’ phrase to make things easier for the reader.

The advantage of this method is that most people read their emails on their laptops. This makes it easier to click on the link and write a review. And once you set this up, you can send it to as many customers as possible.

Put Links on Your Website

Even the most loyal customers will get frustrated if leaving a review is tasking. Why not make things easy by putting the links on your website? This will encourage your customers to take action. Have a page that emphasizes how much you value customer feedback. Make sure to include direct links to online review websites.

When you make things this clear, a customer will not feel like leaving a review is a tedious job. Having a page specifically for this allows you to explain clearly to customers how they can leave reviews, encouraging more people to do it.

Offer Incentives

Who does not love discounts and offers? You can incentivize your customers to leave reviews by offering certain deals. For example, encourage them by offering cash-back offers or loyalty points. You should not give incentives only to customers who leave positive reviews. Bad reviews are a chance to make things right and grow. And as already mentioned, even bad reviews can contribute to insurance agent SEO. Your customers will appreciate this simple gesture, and it is a way for you to create a long-term relationship with them.

Get Them Organically

You can also get insurance agent reviews organically. Start by offering quality services. A customer has chosen you over other insurance agents. Show them why you are the best, so they don’t regret using your services. Anyone who has received exceptional services is likely to leave good reviews.

At the same time, do not ignore bad reviews, which you are bound to run into once in a while. No business is perfect, and at one point, you are likely to disappoint a customer or two. But bad reviews give you credibility. In fact, if all the reviews on your page praise your services, it might start to look suspicious. With that said, the worst mistake you can make is to ignore bad reviews and only respond to the positive. If you made an error, own up to it and apologize. Go that extra mile and offer the aggravated customer a discount or something similar. New customers who read the review but see that you tried to make things right will be assured that you are concerned about your customers. Recognize good reviews and appreciate customers for what they say. If you are asking for feedback, then it’s only right to give some back. Engaging with people who have replied to you is a great way to encourage others to leave reviews as well.

You can no longer afford to neglect online reviews. They play a huge role in increasing your sales. Start working on how to get more insurance agent reviews and see the difference it will make in your business not mention how it will impact your agency SEO.

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