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19 Jul, 2022
Brock Anderson

How to Utilize Insurance Agent Pay Per Click

Why do Insurance Agents Need Digital Marketing?

Insurance agents need digital marketing for many reasons! With digital marketing booming in every industry, it has become the standard for running a business in the 21st century. Companies in every industry need to innovate their marketing techniques to draw in new customers. Having a proper digital marketing plan for your insurance agency is crucial to its success in such a competitive market.

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This includes insurance agents. Prioritizing digital marketing will put your agency ahead of the competition. Over half of consumers say they search for new products and brands on their smartphones.

This is what makes digital marketing techniques like SEO and PPC, along with social media and email, vital to a modern insurance agency. Consumers expect insurance agents to be present in digital marketing verticals like any other company.

But just how to get started is a big question for many agents. Read on to find out the basics of why insurance agents need digital marketing and how to start today!

Start Your Insurance Marketing Now

What is Insurance Agent SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a digital marketing tool designed to give advertisers increased visibility without buying outright ads. Rather than relying on sponsored ad space, SEO techniques allow your agency to show up organically in customer searches.

There are technical and creative aspects to SEO. A multitude of special skills goes into driving organic traffic in ideal amounts (not too much or too little) and improving your agency’s search rankings.

SEO helps ensure your agency’s web presence is easily understandable and advertisable for major search engines. A customized SEO plan enables your agency to appear in more SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages.

Showing up in SERPs is key to getting better organic customer traffic. SEO in its simplest form is showing Google that you are the expert on a certain topic therefore when someone searches for your topic you should show up at the top. Now getting Google to “believe” that you are an expert is one very complex to do but also no matter how good you are at SEO it will take time to do.

Why can SEO be Slow for Insurance Agents?

SEO is by no means a quick process for any company, and insurance agents are no exception. In fact, SEO is an ongoing process because search engines and consumer searches are always changing. This means that developing a strong SEO presence is by definition a drawn-out, multifaceted process.

It can be overwhelming for the average business owner to take on their own SEO. Most insurance agents don’t have time to learn the principles of SEO and put them into practice. And the constantly evolving specifications for SEO means that proper implementation involves ongoing learning and fine-tuning.

For many companies, it makes sense to hire digital marketing services. Digital marketers can focus on building a strong, evolving SEO campaign that works for your business.

SEO Can Take Time to Build

SEO can be slow-growing for insurance agents. That’s because the insurance market and the way consumers shop for insurance pose unique challenges to these types of organic marketing. Insurance agents have to do a lot of work to create an “organic” web trail about their businesses. So why is SEO important if it can be tough and slow-going?

Most things worth doing involve some work. SEO is no exception. Keep in mind that Google is responsible for almost 100 percent of organic web traffic. Three-quarters of consumers focus their attention on organic results over sponsored spots or advertisements. Video content is over 50 times more likely to drive organic results.

And perhaps most important of all: over a quarter of searches for something nearby result in a purchase! It’s obvious that this is a phenomenon your agency needs to tap into. Just be aware that no SEO empire can be built overnight.

Insurance Agent Pay Per Click

Insurance agent PPC example

PPC is an acronym meaning Pay Per Click. This is a type of internet marketing where companies pay a fee each time consumers click their ad. Essentially, businesses buy visits to their website instead of trying to gain them through organic methods. Search engine advertising is one of the most prominent forms of PPC since it lets companies gain traction in sponsored search engine links whenever customers click on keywords.

How Does Pay Per Click for Insurance Agents Work?

So why use an insurance agent pay per click? For starters, about two-thirds of consumers click on Google ads when they shop online. The average CPC, which means Cost Per Click, can range anywhere from a few cents to a couple of dollars. This means the CPC is usually negligible in comparison to the payoff when it comes to pay per click for insurance agents.

Costs and Benefits of SEO vs Insurance Agent Pay Per Click

There are unique costs and benefits to both SEO and insurance agent pay per click.

Neither one is a silver bullet for digital marketing. You will find it’s quite common for insurance agencies to use both. This is true even if particular agencies prefer one form over the other.

SEO vs PPC graphic

Insurance agent pay per click strategies yield fast results, which can’t be said for SEO. While SEO can boast a powerful market presence, the build-up time required can be months or even years. This makes SEO an ideal

long-term strategy for building your insurance agency, but not one to rely on for generating immediate business.

That said, neglecting SEO entirely is a losing strategy. Organic search results are a powerful resource at your agency’s disposal if you are willing to work for them. PPC marketing is an important ongoing base, but SEO allows these ads to become even more powerful over time.

What We Suggest For Insurance Agent Marketing

In our professional opinion what we find is the best strategy for marketing your insurance agency especially if it is new is to leverage PPC and SEO and let them work together. What we do with the majority of our clients is start them off with an aggressive PPC plan that way you can see fast results and build up the domain authority for your insurance company. Give your SEO a few months to build some traction organically, like we talked about above SEO can take some time so you need to give it time. That doesn’t mean let it coast, but continue to work hard on it for a few months and once you start seeing some more results from SEO then we suggest lowering your ad spend for PPC to be more efficient.

Like any company you will see plateaus in your leads so when you are seeing business slow down you can turn back up your PPC ad spend as needed. Although these two marketing channels can work independently it is best that you use them together that way you can yield the best and most results for your insurance agency.

Getting Started With Insurance Agent Pay Per Click

So what’s the first step to building an effective insurance agent SEO strategy? To start, it’s important to sit down with a professional and let them walk you through how the whole process works and what you can expect to see as far as results. It’s important to work with an agency that you trust and that specializes in your industry. To start revitalizing your insurance agent SEO and PPCcontact us today!

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