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27 May, 2022
Brock Anderson

Insurance Agency Marketing Plan – LinkedIn

There’s no better way to boost your sales numbers than with a well-crafted Insurance agency marketing plan. Specifically, within your digital marketing plan, a LinkedIn marketing strategy for insurance agencies allows you to directly reach the companies and working professionals who are looking for your insurance products.

Social media sites like LinkedIn are still rapidly expanding and they are the number one place to start or develop an insurance agent marketing plan. Your insurance agents, your conversions, and your brand can all benefit from incorporating LinkedIn to your advertising strategy.

Here’s how you can start marketing your insurance agency on LinkedIn today.

Keep Building Connections

One of the most exciting things about marketing on LinkedIn for insurance agents is that you never really know who you’re going to connect with. It might seem like you’re making connections with businesses and individuals outside of areas that your agents cover, but they often have connections as well as employees that could be looking for your services.

One of the best-kept secrets about marketing on LinkedIn is that connections lead to more connections. The more you start to connect with a diverse set of industries and professionals, the more you’re going to find opportunities popping up for your insurance agents.

These connections also help you and your agents build up a critical mass of presence on LinkedIn. When you browse LinkedIn profiles, you’re more likely to engage with someone who looks like they’re well-established. The more connections and interactions you have, the more it looks like you’re open for business.

The Value of LinkedIn Ads

Let’s take a closer look at the value of LinkedIn ads for insurance agencies. Advertising on LinkedIn might seem like an interesting prospect for companies that haven’t tried it before, but you need to know the specifics before you jump in.

The first thing we’re going to cover is that this is a great way to generate leads through LinkedIn ads. Your ads will get your agency in front of a huge number of prospective clients. LinkedIn is still the premier social media site for professional and business networking, so it’s ideal advertising spend for agencies looking to target those audiences.

The audience on LinkedIn is one of the reasons why advertising on this site is considered so high value. LinkedIn is full of people wanting to do business and that includes insurance agencies. With over 650 million active users, you’re bound to find plenty of individuals and businesses that align with your insurance agency and are looking for your products and services.

This leads us to the one trade-off that companies need to consider before they start a LinkedIn advertising campaign. It’s well-known that LinkedIn advertising is more costly when it comes to pay-per-click advertising plans. However, this is because LinkedIn advertising is more targeted and more high-yield than a general advertising strategy on Google or Facebook.

You’ll see a higher click-through rate and a higher conversion rate with your LinkedIn advertising.

Add a Call to Action to Each Post

The key LinkedIn marketing strategy for insurance agencies is to focus on crafting a powerful call to action in each post. A call to action, or CTA, encourages your target audience to take action based on your advertising. A good CTA can make or break your ad strategy.

An advertisement without a CTA is like fishing without a hook. You can have the best bait in the world, but no hook means no catch. Your CTA is going to drive your target audience to your desired goal.

A CTA doesn’t have to be sales-oriented. Your CTA can promote signing up for mailing lists, attending an online seminar or event, or speaking with one of your agents about an insurance topic. The purpose of a CTA is to direct your audience to take action that benefits both parties.

Make sure to craft a direct and engaging CTA. “Speak with an insurance agent today!” is a little vague while “Call Insurance Company X today to get your Specific Coverage Quote!” is much more focused and direct.

Notice how the second CTA reiterates the name of the company, gives a specific action, and highlights the benefit that the reader will get after taking the action? That’s the recipe for a potent CTA.

LinkedIn is a Vehicle for Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness

Your insurance digital marketing plan has two general purposes. The first is, as always, to generate conversions and improve your sales and client base. The second is much more elusive but just as important. Your LinkedIn ads help improve your brand awareness.

Brand awareness is incredibly important. To put it simply, the more people and companies know about your brand, the more they will engage with it.

Your insurance agency marketing plan might be offering the most competitive products, but if no one knows that you’re there they can’t do business with you. Advertising on LinkedIn is an ideal way to improve your brand awareness with your target demographic.

This will get your brand, your products, and your agents in front of the people who are looking to do business with you. LinkedIn is a great way to start generating the kind of organic engagement you need to promote brand awareness.

Your Paid Content Advertising Options on LinkedIn

Your insurance agent marketing plan will be run by using LinkedIn’s paid content advertising options. These allow you to craft your message and get that in front of your target audience through text, images, video, and even messages.

Remember, the success of your paid content advertising often depends on the content itself. This is where reaching out to an outside insurance marketing agency can really pay off.

Here are your key paid content options with LinkedIn:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Message Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Text Ads

How Insurance Agents Get Results from Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best places for your insurance agents to start picking up some traction. LinkedIn is full of businesses and professionals who need the insurance products that your agents can provide them with. It just comes down to getting your agents in touch with the people who need their services.

One way to approach this problem is to run advertising campaigns for your company as well as for your individual agents. That adds the human element that promotes approachability while still promoting conversions for your agency.

How to Kickstart Your Insurance Digital Marketing Plan

It’s time to start putting together your agency’s insurance digital marketing plan. The best way to develop a focused insurance agency marketing plan on LinkedIn is by working with advertising professionals who know the insurance industry inside and out.

Call Insurance Websites today to speak with our Marketing team and kick start your insurance agent marketing plan!

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