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14 Jun, 2022
Brock Anderson

Insurance Website builder or DIY?

Building an insurance website is one of the best marketing strategies you can do for your insurance business. A custom insurance website draws in new clients, plays a key role in your marketing and sales funnel, and shows customers that you are open for business.

A professional insurance website builder can ensure that your company leaves a great first impression that is sure to draw in new clientele.

Here’s how you can create an insurance website from the ground up.

How Do You Create An Insurance Website Website builder

Insurance agencies rely heavily on their marketing strategies in order to draw in new clients. There’s often a lot of competition in the insurance sector and what separates you from your competitors is going to be how you are represented in your marketing.

Your marketing is going to include SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and even advertising on social media. However, everything from your email campaigns to physical advertising is going to point back to your company’s website.

This means that your website is the single most important aspect of your marketing. It’s the modern-day business card and 21st-century version of the storefront. What the public thinks about your company is largely shaped by your website.

Creating a compelling insurance website starts with understanding the four key components of building an insurance website.

  • Home Page
  • Services Page
  • Contact Page
  • Instant Quote Builder

Home Page

The homepage is where so many potential future customers are going to make big decisions about your insurance agency. When they first visit your website,will they see an outdated website that has trouble loading or a home page that invites them in to learn more and start making decisions.

Making a First Impression

They say there’s no second chance at a first impression and nowhere is this more true than the homepage of your website. This is where your company first shakes hands with all future clients. This means that the home page is one of the single most important marketing tools that your company has access to.

Your home page is going to tell future customers some important things about your company. It will let them know the products and services you offer, why customers should care about your business, and how they can start working with you.

Your homepage also establishes trust with your clients. Your home page will let future customers know how they can believe that your business is the best in town.

The Start of Your Sales Funnel

The homepage is also the beginning of your sales funnel. It’s essential for establishing brand awareness and it plays a key role in helping potential customers move through the decision-making process to taking action with your company.

An insurance website builder will spend a lot of time working with your company to establish a home page that sets your insurance agency up for success.

Guide Your Future Clients

Your home page is also a subtle roadmap for where your clients need to go next. Your home page should easily direct clients to find any further information about your products and services. A good home page will also provide ways for clients to get in touch with you including readily available quote tools and contact information.

Services page

Your home page is going to tease what your business is all about, but the service pages are where you’re going to go into detail about the products and services that your insurance agency offers.

These pages serve two very important purposes. The first is that they provide key marketing opportunities to improve your SEO and increase sales. They’re also going to act as informational content that delivers something valuable and useful to your clients.

Service pages are ideal places to use SEO to improve your marketing. These pages can often act as miniature blogs and are ideal places for using backlinks. This is also a great page to flex some marketing acumen to help your brand stand out.

Service pages should also offer plenty of information for your future clients. They’re looking to learn not only what your insurance agency offers, but they are also here to find information about these services. A concise service page that outlines what your company offers and what the service is can be a valuable asset for future clients that can create an organic marketing opportunity.

Contact Page

Contact us form example

Insurance agencies often make one big mistake when it comes to their contact page.

Plenty of insurance agencies simply use a contact page as a place to list a few emails and phone numbers. However, this misses out on opportunities to help move potential customers through the sales funnel and get additional marketing value out of your website.

Here are a few ways your contact page can go beyond a simple list of email addresses.

Concise and Efficient

The first thing to keep in mind is that while we want to get more out of our contact pages, we don’t want to overload this page with information. If a customer is clicking on your contact page, you’re looking for a phone number or email address that they can use to get in touch with your business.

You don’t want to overload this page with information and place too many barriers between your customer and contacting your business.

So, how come we get more marketing value without preventing customers from getting in touch with our insurance agencies?

Don’t Miss This Marketing Opportunity!

A great custom Insurance website will be able to use a contact page as a marketing opportunity.

The first thing to consider is having an easy-to-navigate form for your customers and clients to fill out. This forum provides a place for them to enter their contact information and a short message so that a member of your team can get in touch with them. This also helps you gather valuable marketing information.

You can also add personality to this page as well as messaging. Feel free to include the human element by letting your potential clients know who will be in touch. Adding names, pictures, and official titles to the contact information that you provide will help your customers feel like they’re reaching out to flesh-and-blood people rather than getting in touch with an automated number.

Insurance Quote Builder

One of the major things that your clients are going to be looking for is a quote about their insurance. This is an opportunity that you have to gather more marketing information, move potential customers through the sales funnel, and offer something that plenty of insurance customers have been asking for.

An insurance quote builder is a tool that your potential customers can use to get free quotes that cover basic insurance costs. Customers enter in relevant information, including contact information, and then submit the form in order to get a quote from your insurance agency.

This not only gives your customers the valuable information that they need in order to make a decision, but it also gives you an opportunity to get in touch with that potential customer. Your insurance agents will then be able to work with them to help them find products and services that meet their needs.

The insurance quote builder is a vital and essential part of your website. It can play a key role in your sales funnel as well as being a contact page that offers additional value.

Get a Pro Custom Insurance Website or Try DIY?

You have one major decision to make when building an insurance website: Should you go pro or try DIY?

This is one of the biggest questions you’re going to have to answer when you set out to build a website for your insurance agency. You’re going to need to decide whether you want to have a professional design your website or if you want to try a DIY approach.

The DIY approach looks cost-effective on the surface, but it does have some key drawbacks. While there are plenty of tools available today for building a DIY website from a template, those tools lack sophisticated marketing features and have steep learning curves.

Having a professional build your website ensures that you get all of the features that you need. it also means that your website is going to look clean and professional rather than like a generic website the customers have seen a hundred times.

Building a DIY website also means taking time out of your working day to fiddle with website templates and tools. That’s time that you could be following up on leads, supporting your insurance agents, and generally focusing on the core of your business.

Time is money and working with professional web designers is definitely a time-saving maneuver.

How to Get Started With An Insurance Website Builder

The fastest and most effective way to get a website built for your insurance agency is to reach out to a professional Insurance website builder. They have the industry experience and skills that you need to get an effective and professional website built in no time at all.

Insurance Websites is ready to help your insurance agency build the most effective marketing tool that your company has ever had.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?