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14 Jul, 2018
Dirk Stephens

Insurance Website Designs Tips and Tricks

There are many insurance website designs on the market. The main reason you would opt for an insurance website design is for the price. There are more negatives than positives when building a website on your own.

Some problems with self-built websites using the software are: websites for insurance agencies

  1. Design Uniqueness

    Using a template system won’t allow you to have the freedom to choose a design that matches your firm perfectly. Another problem is that your site will look like many others on the market.

  2. Google Compliance

    Software template systems simply can’t keep up with the rules Google and the other search engines publish. Putting your site through Google Webmaster Tools is just one of the ways to ensure your site complies with search engine rules. Most template builders won’t allow you to do it.

  3. Blogs

    Having a blog is a great way to increase content and keep current with your clients. It’s as easy as writing an email. Blogging is a critical tool in marketing your site. Blogs aren’t a part of most template systems.

  4. Content Writing

    The media on your website, including the text and photos, are key in reaching your visitors. I don’t know any insurance agent who wants to get less business through their website. Yahoo Small Business has a great article about how important content is. Here is the link: Importance Of Web Content

  5. Ability To Rate Quote

    Customizing your website to be able to perform rate quotes is next to impossible with most template builders.

  6. Site Ownership

    Possibly the largest problem with an Insurance Website Design is the fact that you don’t own the site. If you stop paying your monthly fee all of your hard work goes down the drain.

According to Live Insurance News, you run a lot of risks when you get a free template. Here is the link: problems with free, small business website templates

Do your homework before using an insurance website template. You may save some money in the short run but it will cost you more in the end.

Call today and we will help answer any questions you may have. Our insurance web designs are custom for you and will keep designing until you are happy.

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