Why do reviews matter for your insurance agency

​​By gathering more positive reviews it builds up the credibility of your agency. Think about it, when you are shopping for a product or service and you see one has 40 reviews and one has 2 it makes your decision a lot easier.

The more positive reviews you get will greatly increase your local SEO. One of Google’s greatest ranking factors is how many positive reviews your agency has.

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How to get more insurance agency reviews

Your website is often times the first interaction you have with your customer. Let your website tell your brand’s story and show your customer you are who they want to do business with

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Ask your customers to review you

Ask your customers to review you in either an email or offer them incentives to leave you a review.

Get them organically

Offer a good quality service with exceptional customer service and you should gain more reviews for your agency.

How to manage your reviews

Respond to all your reviews either negative or positive no matter what.

Repurpose your reviews and showcase them on your agencies website to help customers in the future.

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Getting positive reviews for your insurance agency is so important and crucial to your marketing plan.

Create a strategy around getting more reviews and you will see the growth that your agency is looking for!

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