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05 Aug, 2022
Brock Anderson

How a Website Design Affects your Brand  

Website design is an essential part of an integrated marketing plan. Every company must recognize the importance of branding power in the industry.

The right website design will help you outshine your competitors, and a poorly constructed website design affects your brand negatively; here’s how.

What is branding, and why is it important?

insurance agency website design on a laptop showing branding

Many business owners don’t comprehend the actual meaning of branding, and when it comes to insurance agent’s brands you need to make sure it is done right. Your brand is not a sole marketing statement but a promise to your customers. Your brand is meant to show your customers the best products in the specific niche and convince them it’s what they’re looking for. Branding is a simple way to remind your customers about your services or products. A brand can take some time and effort to be built but having a successfully built brand is essential to your business.

When your brand is consistent, it becomes easier to recognize, and people often trust available and well-known brands. Branding is an effective way to promote recognition of your products and services.

For instance, creating an online presence for your brand, such as a website where consumers can easily locate, order, or preview your products or services, is an effective way to build brand credibility.

Another way website design affects your brand is to save you a lot of money on advertising. Everything’s online these days; the first place people look for stuff to eat, wear, and places to go is online; hence, if they’re looking for products and services from your marketing niche, the best way to bring them to your brand would be creating a website design that’s easy to navigate.

How Does Your Website Design Represent Your Brand?

Similar to any other form of representation you use for your company, website design is the first impression of your company to the customer. Your brand is showcased all over your website, when someone looks at your website they see your brand.

A website design is not just an image of your brand but also a guideline for the consumers on how professionally you care for what you do. Adding essential website elements like an about the company and our mission paragraph will help add value to your brand’s online presence.

The competition is fierce in any business. Thus, no matter what type of company you’re running, it’s essential to establish your brand online.

For instance, if you’re creating an insurance agent website, ensure that the design for your insurance agency website is responsive and mobile-friendly. People do most of their browsing on their mobile phones; hence, if your insurance agent website is available on any device, it can boost your brand credibility and, in a way, help you make more customers.

Another way to better outreach with your insurance agency website design is to make the website SEO-friendly. Every two years, a design upgrade for your insurance agent website will help boost credibility. An easily navigable insurance agency website design is the best way to lure in leads and maintain current customers.

How Can Your Website Design Affect Your Brand Negatively?

It’s evident that people want efficiency in the most minimal way possible, especially while performing functions on their mobile phones. If you observe, the very reason why individuals skip or stop using an internet app is that the app has a very slow response time; the pages load slower as compared to other apps (take longer than three seconds), or the app has a very complex design; it’s difficult to navigate to what you’re looking for.

The same is with websites, and that is one way a website design affects your brand – if your website is slower to load than competitive websites, the consumers may double your bounce rates. Consumers despise not only slower websites but also messy websites when the design is too complex to figure out what’s going on.

For instance, using intuitive gestures on websites is what drives people to utilize any online operation, such as the swipe operation on Tinder.

A common mistake many online brands make is not understanding that any change on their website will require the whole design to be reconsidered. Branding isn’t just a one-time thing. It has to be updated every now and then according to consumer choices and requirements. A website design affects your brand negatively.

Forgetting to either refresh the old design of the website or evolve the original brand as time passes will be a major drawback for your brand. That’s how you know that a website design affects your brand one way or another.

Here are a few things you should avoid if you don’t want to end up with a poor website design.

  • Integrating too many tools into the website prevents it from evolving and messing with its consistency.
  • Using different formatting tools on different landing pages, especially purchasing pages, makes it difficult for consumers to develop trust.
  • Slow response times on pages can annoy customers when searching for competitive websites.
  • Although many fonts seem attractive, they can be too much when added to an entire website design. Use consumer-friendly fonts that are easy to understand and look professional. Bold where necessary.

How Can Your Website Design Affect Your Brand Positively?

A detailed website design affects your brand positively in multiple ways. When your website is easy to navigate, the consumers won’t feel the need to bounce off the page as they’ll find whatever they’re looking for in a matter of minutes.

When your web pages don’t take long to load and will have a familiar feeling at every landing page rather than all pages having a completely different design and inducing the effect that maybe the user has been redirected to another page.

How To Design Your Website To Help Your Brand?

Here are the steps you can follow for a good website.

  • Brainstorm your goals for your website and review the latest website design trends.
  • Choose a platform for your website where you can easily reach your targeted customers and vice versa.
  • Decide on your branding; everything, including the color scheme for your website, will portray your services and give your customers an outlook on your professionalism.
  • After you add in all your content, optimize it. Use SEO tools and follow all search engine regulations to help your website rank high in its niche. Don’t be afraid to visit a few top-ranked websites in the specific niche to get an idea.
  • Publish your website but don’t just stop there. Analyze and review the website for regular improvements. Research new trends to boost the credibility and customer experience of your website. Adding all essential elements to website design affects your brand awareness.

Examples Of Websites That Positively Impact Their Brand

Here are three websites for branding inspiration:

Pinterest website design example
Pinterest website design example with branding

There is an abundance of inspirational work pinned on the Pinterest platform and branding and design is one of them. Pinterest allows its users to organize their inspirations by using designated boards. Even though millions of pins are added to Pinterest each day, the algorithm of the website gets better the more you use it.

Michael macdonald insurance agency website design example
Michael Macdonald insurance agency website design example

This insurance company does a great job at staying on brand across their whole website. Also right when you get on the website it immediately makes you feel safe and protected which is what their company is all about.

Medium website design example
Medium website design example with branding

Medium is all about marketing, brand, and creativity. It’s well-known as a one-stop shop for gathering all information about marketing. The site offers several helpful tags you can use to keep track of your searches and quickly get relevant content.


Now you know how much a bad website design can harm your brand. A good website design doesn’t mean that you keep the web page as it is; it means you need to monitor the performance of the website and keep improving it. For more info on website design and branding, please visit our webpage.

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