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13 Apr, 2022
Brock Anderson

What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is No Longer a Buzzword content marketing

Marketing departments have noticed the growing connection between customer engagement and brand loyalty. This has impacted marketing away from just boasting about the benefits of the product but also to market via producing valuable information through podcasts, social media posts, videos, and articles relevant to the product in a manner that helps the customer feel more engaged with what they purchase.

Not only is content marketing a strong edge over those who don’t produce it, but it has also grown so important that over 50% of companies invest time and resources in it.

Some of the most common forms of content marketing used include:


Infographics are poster-style forms of conveying information by mixing words and pictures to relay facts. These often use catchy images and bold numbers to keep information succinct and exact.

Infographic examples


Podcasts can be pre-recorded or live broadcasts offered online via streaming services and web pages. These have almost grown to replace radio broadcasts as people can tune in to episodes at their convenience.


Videos can use hosts, imaging, animation, and near limitless visual imaging to help tell a story or teach a subject. Combined with animation or the proper music, videos are great at guiding emotions one way or another.


Webpages allow customers to get to know as much as a company is willing to share. Webpages are a fantastic catch-all to share articles, blogs, videos, or products and services sold.


Publishing a book has never been easier and can be produced in a variety of sizes. Books can convey as much or as little information as desired and can be designed to be a series.

Insurance Content Marketing

It is common knowledge that every state has a minimum coverage requirement for automobiles. Many lending institutions or residential associations can require higher standards of insurance ownership than the state mandates, even if the state does not require any type of residential coverage on its own.

In any and all cases, customers will still wish to shop around for the best deals on coverage. This is where many insurance companies tend to focus. Insurance content marketing can include having a webpage that features blogs and podcasts explaining state requirements while promoting correlating coverage plans offered. From there, the higher tiers of services can be mentioned.

There can even be separate categories detailing other services such as business insurance, which links to explanations of when business insurance can be used for auto coverage and when it can not, or other related ideas.

The Importance of Insurance Content Marketing

The average consumer now views at least three to four pieces of content on a product before considering a purchase. Businesses with blogs and other informative media on websites are more visible to the general public, who are putting words into search engines in hopes of finding exactly what they are needing – no more, no less.

Streaming services and smartphones have eliminated the traditional marketing methods, such as TV commercials and phone books. Now, people will ask on social media “Who knows of affordable insurance in the area” and ask their phone to search for something similar. If your name doesn’t appear in the first few pages of results, even by accident, it will be tough to compete in the current market.

Now that you know how important content marketing is, outsource these aspects of your business to companies like Insurance Websites which specialize in custom content marketing strategies and will implement them for you!

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