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28 May, 2018
Dirk Stephens

Insurance Websites: A Pricing Guide

A Good Insurance Website Design isn’t Cheap & Cheap Insurance Websites Aren’t Good

Everybody wants to get the best possible price for their insurance website design. Money doesn’t come easy these days, especially in the insurance marketplace. Here are some tips on how to get the best possible price without sacrificing quality.


1. Know what you want

Get an idea of the type of insurance site you want before getting quotes or talking to a website designer. Showing them a sample site and asking how much for something similar is a great way to compare apples to apples.

2. Ask if they have an insurance background

It is important you get a website design team that understands the insurance industry. People shopping for insurance have a different way of navigating websites than any other profession. The team that claims they build insurance websites should at least understand your clients and prospects.

3. Find out about all fees involved

Many website development companies will charge you a monthly fee for hosting or tech support. This can add 10-20% to the overall cost of the website. Ask your website developer how much ALLof the charges are before the work begins.

4. Request a sample design before you sign

Don’t get taken advantage of by a company that does substandard work. Make them prove they are worth your hard-earned money by requesting them to build you a sample design. Make them earn your trust.

5. Search engine marketing

Website ranking is a very flooded market. There are a lot of overseas marketers represented by US companies. Putting your marketing in the hands of an overseas developer may work for a little while, but it always ends up badly. The reason is that search engines frequently update the way they rank websites. If your marketing company keeps using old methods – your website can get blacklisted. Here is a guide to proper backlinking for an example: Moz Link Building Guide Getting your site blacklisted by improper linking on search engines is very serious and is extremely time-consuming to fix.

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