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03 May, 2022
Brock Anderson

5 Tips for Selecting The Right Fonts for your Website Design

One of the most important things you can do for your brand is have the right website design font selection.

Typography shapes everything from sales conversions to how customers perceive your branding. Using the right website fonts gives you a powerful advantage when it comes to communicating with your target demographic. Using the right fonts, picking fonts that work on websites, and working with professional graphic designers allow you to skip ahead to successful marketing.

Here are the five big things you need to know for successful website design font selection.

Why Font Selection Matters for Website Design Choosing a font

Typography defines a huge section of your graphic design and website design. Each written word uses a font that can communicate about your brand and connect with your audience.

Using the right fonts means successful interactions while the wrong font choices can make it harder, or even impossible, for your audience to connect with your brand.

How Font Selection Shapes Emotional Response

One key to website design font selection is to understand how font choices can resonate with emotional responses. There’s a powerful reason why we see Helvetica as reliable while cursive fonts are bold and creative.

This all comes down to our cultural relationship to font choices. Strong, block letters are powerful and stand out while serif fonts can have a stately elegance. Your font choices are just as impactful as your color choices and/or your logo in terms of the emotions they inspire.

The Impact of Typography on Branding

Your choice of font selection has one of the strongest impacts on your branding. Your company needs to pick a font that both connects with your customer base as well as connects with your branding.

The right font choice bridges the gap between these two qualities while the incorrect font choice makes it harder to reach your customers. Think about the first time you see a brand’s font choices. What feelings does that inspire in you and are there any values you can see being communicated in those fonts?

What are Web Safe Fonts?

There are certain fonts that make better website fonts than others. While the variety of fonts that you have at your disposal has only increased, there are core fonts that work across countless devices. These are known as web safe fonts.

Web safe fonts load on virtually all devices, platforms, and web browsers. No matter how your audience is connecting with your platform, they will be able to see your fonts rendered as you intended.

Picking fonts outside of the web-safe font list can cause your website and platforms to function in unexpected ways. This can limit, or even prevent, would-be customers from closing the sale.

Graphic Designers Understand Typography

The best-kept secret in font selection is working with experienced website designers. Insurance Websites know typography inside and out. They can help you select website fonts that speak to your customers and help communicate your brand’s goals.

It can be tempting to pick your own fonts and implement them yourselves, but making a misstep means serious financial costs in terms of both lost sales and having to redo your graphics down the road.

Having website designers assist in website design font selection is a smart move that yields strong results. You can get the fonts that your brand needs by reaching out to Insurance Websites today.

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