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05 Jul, 2022
Brock Anderson

What Makes The Best Financial Website Design

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Your website is the single most important marketing asset that your financial business operates. It’s the digital face of your brand and your clients, and future clients, need a website that helps facilitate their interactions with your products and services.

The best financial website design separates successful companies from ones that start to drag behind the pack. You can quickly turn around your digital presence with a little help from the web designing pros.

Here are the inside secrets for the best custom financial website design from a professional insurance website builder.

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The Current Status of the Financial Industry’s Websites

The financial industry has gotten bigger than ever which means that your business is going to have a harder time standing out in this crowded field. Your financial website design is going to make the difference between landing new clients and being lost in the crowd.

There are countless, specific lines of business within the greater financial industry. Each of these businesses needs a custom approach to their website design. After all, you wouldn’t want to go to a family orthodontist that has the same branding template as a veterinary dentist.

Here are just a few industries that need custom websites to stand out.

  • Accountants
  • CPA’s
  • Advisors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Banks

A custom design is what will set you and your company apart from both your competition and the countless other businesses in the financial industry. It’s time you stood out, but how do you get that done?

What Makes a Financial Website Design The Best?

There are several factors that go into highly effective financial website design. The best financial websites are composed of:

  • Compelling user experience
  • Integrated branding
  • Conversion funnels
  • Website loading time
  • Overall aesthetics and design

User Experience

How users interact with your website is just as important as the financial website design itself. In fact, these two elements are not as separate as they might seem.

We’ve all gone to websites that have been difficult to navigate and given up to take our searches elsewhere. If clients are doing this on your website, that’s a business that’s being sent to your competition.

How your users experience your website and interact with it will come to define how they see your brand and how easy it is for them to convert to paying customers.

You want to have a custom website for your business that’s easy to use and has a straightforward approach to navigation. Clients have come to you looking for information and services and presenting that quickly and efficiently is the key to success.


It’s easy to find serviceable website templates these days, but these aren’t going to align with your company’s branding.
If your website looks like every other financial industry website out there, customers and clients are going to have a hard time distinguishing your business from the competition. With so many companies competing for limited space in the financial industry, the best way to stand out is with specific and well-designed branding.

Your branding is going to be fundamentally linked to your website. This is about so much more than just having the right colors and using your logo on your website. It’s about integrating your website as a new arm of your branding.

Mastering the Conversion Funnel

Your financial website design is a key element in helping future and returning customers through the conversion funnel. Whether they are just becoming aware of your business for the very first time or they are a returning customer looking to do more business, your website should facilitate conversions—rather than slowing them down.

First, let’s get familiar with the conversion funnel. It starts with clients becoming aware of your branding, continues with their interest in your products or services, builds towards a desire to purchase, and concludes with action being taken on that purchase.

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

Your website can help all points on the conversion funnel. It’s both your best platform for awareness and interest as well as where many customers will go to take action and spend money on your financial products and services.

Custom website designers can help your website achieve these dynamic goals. Everything from menu design to branding can help move potential customers through the conversion funnel and improve your ROI.

Optimizing the Website

Now let’s talk about the single most overlooked aspect of custom financial website design. The speed and quality of your website is the make-or-break factor in your success.

Study after study has demonstrated that users will leave a website within a few seconds if it does not load. Users also have little tolerance for a website plagued by buggy features, broken links, or menu items that don’t work.

Your website also needs to work across devices, operating systems, and web browsers. Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, but Safari comes in second and if you don’t optimize for Safari and other browsers your company loses out on 576 million potential customers.

A professional website design company can make sure that your website not only looks amazing, but it is also working cleanly and quickly.

The Overall Look and Feel of Your Site

Now we’re going to spend a moment talking about the hardest thing to quantify when it comes to custom financial website design. Have you ever visited a website that just looked and felt great? That’s the experience that you need your current and future clients to have.

The overall aesthetics and utility of your website are going to directly connect with your customers. A website that connects with your demographics, works as intended, and acts as a key element of your branding is going to deliver on something that just can’t be measured by raw numbers.

It’s this kind of experience that generates the organic word of mouth marketing that companies are always chasing. If your clients find your website genuinely useful and enjoyable, they’re much more likely to share it with their friends and family members.

The Best Financial Website Design Examples

Verdant has a very modern and sleek design on their website. This is something that is very popular right now because it seems to be more professional and clean looking. The website does a great job at showing its branding and not being too overwhelming. It seems to flow really well and as a customer, it would be quite easy to navigate the site.

DCML Financial Website Design

DCML is a full-service accounting firm with multiple locations all across North America. Their website does a great job with the use of colors and branding. Colors are a great way to cause your reader to feel emotions and this website does that really well. They also have a very simple website which makes the user experience that much better.

HCR Wealth Financial Advisor Website Design

HCR Wealth Advisors went with an extremely modern website design and they did this by using fine lines and lots of movement. A website with movement and motion tends to be very intriguing to the customer. Their site also does a great job of following the conversion funnel where they tell the customer what they do, why should they care, how to believe them, and where to start. I’m sure this website has a very high conversion rate with how well it was done.

Ratio Holdings Financial Website Design

Ratio Holdings is a financial advising company located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and southern California. Their website does a great job at incorporating where they are located as a part of their selling point. The website stays on brand throughout the whole website which is really important for increasing brand awareness.


The Zebra is an insurance agency that sells all different lines of insurance for personal and commercial purposes. They have a very unique site but it was done really well and with user experience in mind. The first page of the site immediately lets you select from different lines/bundles of insurance so you can get right to what you are wanting to do. The goal of this website is to get viewers to convert and they do this with a very simplistic design and approach.

Jetty Financial Website Design

Jetty is an insurance agency that sells insurance to renters to ensure their rent is safe and backed up. This site does a really good job with colors and makes it a fun and friendly design. These sorts of designs are for sure a trend right now in the website design world and are actually doing really well in terms of driving business. They offer a really good user experience that is tailored towards the target market.

Progressive is probably one of the most renown insurance agencies around so it only makes sense that they have an excellent website design. This insurance agency’s website design is very similar to the one before where the first thing you do is select one line of insurance you are looking for, this sort of layout for a website is very user-friendly and converts customers at a high rate. As you go throughout the website they do a great job at keeping the same functionality so that you aren’t confused with every new page. Progressive is a great example of one of the best financial website designs.


Key Takeaways for Financial Industry Websites

There’s no replacing a professionally designed and maintained website. Your financial website design is going to be what separates your business from the rest of the financial industry.

The best financial websites are made by experienced designers like the team at Insurance Website. A custom financial website design is going to draw in new clients and help establish your conversion funnel while also giving your brand a foothold in your marketing strategy.

Reach out to Insurance Websites today to get a financial website that will help put your business back on the digital map.

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