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08 Jul, 2022
Brock Anderson

Can & Should Insurance Agents Have Their Own Website?

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Can insurance agents have their own website?

Insurance agents deal with a number of different tasks in their day-to-day life as they try to do their jobs as effectively as possible. One question that some insurance agents have is if they are permitted to own and operate their own website that promotes their services. Indeed, this is something that people might wonder about in order to figure out what steps they may take to get that website up and running. The short answer is that insurance agents can and should run their own websites and we will help explain why this is the case.

Now should insurance agents have their own website?

Yes, let’s go over why:

Get seen on search results

Separate yourself from other agents

Improve your conversion rate

Generate more leads

Improve your professional look

Improve other marketing efforts

You need to get found on search engines

The most basic way that people search for information on the Internet is to use their favorite search engine to locate the knowledge that they seek. This sometimes involves performing a simple search query in order to figure out how and where they can get insurance services. If you don’t have your own website set up as an insurance agent, then you risk the very high potential of not being discovered at all. Plenty of Internet users will simply go with the first result that they find when performing their Internet search. If that isn’t you, then you lose out on that potential business.

search engine results infographic

Separate yourself from other insurance agents

Let’s be honest. You know that you are a great insurance agent, but most of your customers probably see you and others in your industry as a dime a dozen. They don’t necessarily care about which agent they end up going with, as long as they can get somebody who can help them serve their needs. That being said, you need to find ways to help differentiate yourself from other insurance agents in the field. If you want to get as much business as you possibly can.

The best way to help make yourself stand out from others in your industry is to create service products that your customers will flock to. One of the great ways to serve your customers is to provide them with a website that details the services that you can offer them, as well as other information that they may seek out. Your website should include the following information:

  • The insurance products that you offer
  • The geographic areas that you serve
  • Details about yourself as a person (to personalize your services)
  • Helpful links and information for your customers to use

Essentially, you want to create for your customers a one stop shop where they can get the information that they require. Failure to do something as basic as this will turn people away from ever doing business with you in the first place. This is why you need an insurance agency website design that will set you apart from other agents that are built off of templates that hundreds of other agents have.

Improve your conversion rate

All customers start out as potential customers. You have to win over their business if you want them to become the customers that generate an actual profit for you and your service. You will never win over everybody, but you can do the best that you can to try to improve your conversion rate over time. One way to work on your conversion rate is to create a great website where customers can go and learn more about you and your service. Instead of those customers always having to guess at what you can potentially provide to them and why you may be better than some of the other providers in the area, your website gives them the answers.

What you want to do when you were serving your customers is get them to take an action to book your service as quickly as possible. You run the risk of losing them if you don’t get them onto your website in order to make sure they are converted as customers ASAP. This is one of the main reasons why insurance agents have their own websites.

Generate more leads

Everyone needs leads in order to try to close on new business. If you use an insurance website builder, you will discover that one of the main reasons why insurance agents have their own website is because they know that it can help them generate more leads. You simply don’t know who was looking for insurance products until you begin to offer these services to the broader public. When you do this, you make it easier for you to get the new leads that you need to make a difference.

Ultimately, this is the biggest reason why you should look at insurance agency website design. The more effort that you can put into the way that you get your website designed, the better your chances of generating more leads and getting the word out about the services that you offer. Most people want to check out the website of an insurance agent that they may consider doing business with before they dive in head first.

Improve your professional look

Example of a professional insurance agency website design:Zebra Insurance agent website design

Example of a templated insurance agency website design:

farmers insurance agent website design

Right here comparing the two sites you can see firsthand what site stands out and makes you look the most professional in the eyes of your customer. If you were the customer shopping for home or auto insurance what website do you think you will buy from? The top one. Professionalism is a huge thing when you are shopping for products or services, if you were the customer I’m sure you would buy from the one that looks and feels the most professional.

It is a very professional thing to have your own custom insurance agency website design set up with information about your services and who you are as a person. Insurance agents have their own websites in order to show people that they can and should be trusted. The level of professional authority that having your own website can add to your business is truly incredible. It is one of those things that may be overlooked by some people, but the reality is having a website that you can point to is something that will help convert many people who otherwise would not partake in your services.

Always make sure that you don’t just create the website and then leave it to decay. You need to keep the place updated as frequently as possible in order to provide your potential clients with the most up-to-date information that they need. Your clients care about what you have to say, but they will not be able to learn about what that is unless you get on your website frequently and make updates to it as needed.

Improve your other marketing efforts

You know that the insurance business is a business related directly to self marketing. This is to say that you need to sell yourself in order to generate the kind of business necessary to help keep yourself profitable. A website is a great way that you can assist the other marketing efforts that you were making to get your name out to the public. Your website can be a landing page for all other aspects of your insurance digital marketing that way when people see other aspects of your marketing they get funneled to your website.

You can print up the web address of your website onto every other piece of marketing material that you put out into the physical and virtual worlds. Just getting the website out there over and over again is a great way to remind people that you have something important to say.

We are here to serve you

If you would like some assistance getting your website started, we ask that you come and join us at Insurance Websites. We provide services for those who need to get their own website started in order for their personal insurance services. We have worked on countless projects to help our clients receive the type of traffic that they need to their websites and start to make the impact that they are looking for when they first begin to develop something special.

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