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22 Jul, 2022
Brock Anderson

Grow your Insurance Agency with a Website Lead Generator

Insurance website lead generator

Having repeat clients is great for business. However, you wouldn’t just want to maintain the same clients; ideally, you’d want to get more. In business, that’s called lead generation, and that’s exactly what you need for your insurance agency.

The product offered by the insurance business is unique in the sense that while it’s meant to run for a fixed period, it’s not necessarily something that would require a repeat purchase. Once a client gets an insurance policy, that’s it, they’re insured. The only way for them to bring in more business to you is if they buy other types of policies or if they bring in referrals.

While this too could be a good source of leads, it’s not necessarily reliable or sustainable. That’s why you need to set up an insurance website lead generator.

Here are some ways you can grow and bring in more business with an insurance agency website design optimized for lead generation.

Get a custom website built for your agency

Think of the internet as one giant mall, where people go for trade, entertainment, lifestyle, and even romance. Now, think of all these products and services being offered through their own virtual shops and offices. With this much market potential, you wouldn’t want to be left out and kept from accessing these same business opportunities by not having your own store in this virtual mall. Especially for new insurance agents entering the biggest industry in the world having an optimized website design can help jump-start your agency.

That’s right, we’re talking about your own website. As an insurance agency looking to reach out to more clients, it’s crucial for you to build a compelling presence. The market is already there–you just need to be able to tap them into paying attention to you.

The way to do that is to have your own professional website. Not just any website, but one that has a custom insurance website lead generator. A lot of insurance agents want to try and save money by doing it themselves and signing up for a template software so that they can do it themselves. They end up spending countless hours that they could be doing insurance stuff trying to build a website that most likely never turns out how they want. This, after all, is what you’re going after leads or potential clients. For this, you will need an insurance agency website design professional to help you set you up for success. An insurance website builder is worth every penny for your company compared to DIY.

Make sure the website is laid out to follow a sales funnel

People put a lot more thought into their purchase decisions than it may appear. As a business, therefore, it is necessary for you to try and appeal to their personal biases so that they can consider your product or brand.

A typical sales funnel will start with awareness, or introducing your brand to the potential lead. Remember, they can’t consider you at all if they don’t even know about you in the first place. After that comes the interest. Did you generate enough interest for them to take note of you? Did you make a good enough impression on them? What do others have to say about you?

Once they’re sure that your product or service is something that they want or need, then comes the consideration. Should they get it from you or elsewhere? What is it about your brand that would make it a much better choice than anything else? This decision-making stage will involve everything about your product–from tagline to packaging, to contents, offers, etc. And when all is said and done, the only thing left for them to do is to buy your product.

That is exactly how you’d want your customer experience to flow in your insurance agency website design. You’d want your website to be able to give a clear picture of who you are as a brand and give compelling points and arguments for why they should consider choosing you. Ultimately, you’d want to lead them to the point where they actually complete the transaction.

The customer will follow down the funnel which then generates leads

An efficient insurance website lead generator will hook a potential lead in with interest. It doesn’t even have to be an instant attraction. Even mild curiosity can already help improve lead generation.

Once you have their attention, the next thing you need to do is keep that attention. You can do this by adding insurance marketing automation to your strategy. Get them on your mailing list, so they’ll stay updated with your company.

Be consistent in your social posts so that they feel your online presence. Engage with them to keep you on top of their minds.

Your website is the way that you are going to be what brings in recurring leads each month. It may seem daunting to get this started but every agent needs a custom website design as part of their digital marketing plan. It really can be simpler than its sounds, get a custom website built by a professional, and have it follow a sales funnel that way you increase the amount of traffic that actually converts into real sales qualified leads. In the marketing world, people try and focus on how many people are viewing your website or how many impressions you are getting. That means NOTHING! What is important is that they turn into actual revenue for your agency and that is done through a custom website built following a sales funnel.

Insurance website conversion funnel layout

Insurance website conversion funnel graphic

Refer everyone to your website

Let’s go back to the store-in-mall concept. This whole endeavor started with you wanting to gain more clients to expand your business. Primarily, we talked about the importance of insurance agency website design, and how it should be designed in such a way that you will have your own insurance website lead generator.

We also suggested utilizing insurance marketing automation to bring in new leads and to keep the interest of existing ones. Social media plays an important role too. In all of this, however, the main point is that you should always lead them back to your website. That way, they can go through the funnel your insurance website lead generator designer has carefully constructed so you can achieve the results you want.

Your website is your virtual store in this virtual mall. All other marketing tactics you employ are supposed to lead them to your store–aka website–so that they can enter it and go through the sales funnel.


Ultimately, having your own insurance website lead generator is going to be the key to growing and expanding your business. The more people you get interested and bring to your site, the more you can try and convince them to purchase your product or service.

Leads from your insurance marketing automation efforts, word of mouth referrals–they will all have to go through the funnel in your website for the full experience.

That’s how you grow your insurance agency, and that’s why you need to invest in a reliable insurance website lead generator service.

Learn more in depth on how to create the perfect sales funnel for your agency here!

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